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AppToshi DAO curates crypto apps and negotiates deals with the best

Hosted on the Arbitrum blockchain. Stake in the DAO is weighed by the $APPTOSHI ERC20 token.


$APPTOSHI is a DAO token for curating digital products on Token holders can vote to add, remove, or edit the description of any digital product on Tokens are distributed to reviewers, founders, product experts, public presale participants, and users of

AppToshi DAO is a community-led DAO that aims to curate the best digital products relating to crypto and web3. For a product to be added to, it must be deemed safe, useful, and honest by the DAO. Anyone can request a product be added to by initiating a governance vote. Token holders can vote for, against, or abstain. For a vote to pass, 60% of voters must vote for the product to be added.

1 $APPTOSHI = 1 vote in the AppToshi DAO

Through the DAO, $APPTOSHI holders have the ability to deny proposals from companies which do not give them the best discounts, encouraging a flourishing marketplace of exclusive deals for users and $APPTOSHI token holders.

The AppToshi DAO will be created with Aragon, an audited DAO platform. The interface for DAO voting will use Snapshot and be available at

$APPTOSHI is not a security and is purely designed to assist in the curation of digital products for the website. It is not an investment contract nor does it represent control of